We have now launched our referral program and this page will outline the very basics you need to understand to benefit from it!  For years, over 30% of our yearly revenue is generated from word of mouth, that is, people recommending us to colleagues, friends and family.  This scheme is designed to give you something back for those recommendations in the form of cash!

If you place an order with us, you will automatically receive a referral code, regardless of whether you use it or not!

So how does it work?

It's really simple.  We give you a referral code which stays with you for life.  If you lose the code, simply get in contact with us and we will send it to you again.

If you recommend us to anyone, give them your referral code!  If they give us your referral code, when we quote them for whatever blinds or curtains they want, they will receive a discount on blinds quoted, so long as the overall quoted value post-discount is £150 or more (including the VAT).  The discount structure they will receive is further down the page.

If they place an order with us which is £150 or more in value (including the VAT), you will receive in "cash back", 4% of the overall order value!

There are only two rules for this referral program - whomever uses your code must be a new customer (that means, they cannot be an existing customer of ours) and any order placed must have a POST-DISCOUNT value of £150 (inc VAT) or more.

Statistically speaking, over 95% of orders we receive through the year are significantly above this value.  An order placed with us worth £500 will yield a cash back of £20 to you.

Is this legal?  If we give you cash back, do you have to declare this to HMRC?

This is entirely legal and ethical.  Many larger organisations run these types of scheme.  You can earn up to £1000 in cash back rewards before you must declare this additional income stream to HMRC.

You can share your referral code however you want.  You can pass it onto others through your social media, in conversation, but it is worth passing along your code!

Do we share your information with any 3rd party?  Are we going to bombard you with marketing messages?

No and no!  We never have and never will share any information with any 3rd party.  We hold information legally to enable us to fulfil orders.  However, we will never market to you using this information.  If you don't wish to participate simply don't pass your referral code to anyone!  

What is the small print?

There is no small print!  There are only three rules.  Whomever uses your code must be a NEW customer.  Their post-discounted order value must be £150 or more (including the VAT).  They can only use a referral code at the time of quoting the blinds.  It is not possible to apply a referral code to an order already placed with us.

How do we pay you?  How do you find out who has used your code?

It's simple.  If we have your your mobile number or email address we will let you know when someone has been quoted for blinds using your referral code.  If we do not have your mobile or email, we will phone you at the beginning of each month if we owe you money.

At the beginning of each month, we will send you a brief message which will outline anything we owe you and how many people have used your code (including those we have quoted but who have not yet placed an order).

By default, we will post out cheques at the beginning of the month - again, we will text or email you to say it's on the way, thus, if the cheque is lost in the post, you can contact us.  If you prefer to be paid by BACS, phone us on 01206 561976 and let us know.

We can also pay you in cash, but you must (1) Phone us in advance and let us know you prefer to be paid in cash and (2) all cash payments must be collected from our showroom (we will not post out cash)

When is payment due to you?

When someone you have referred to us pays for their blinds, then we owe you!  To keep the accounts simple, we will run referral payments on the 1st of every month (if the 1st is a bank holiday or non-working day, it will be nearest working day after the 1st).

So, as an example, if we are paid on the 2nd of the month, we will pay you on or after the 1st of the following month. 

What discounts does the person using my referral code receive?

  • Roller Blinds - 10%
  • Visions Blinds - 5%
  • Pleated Blinds (including Perfect Fit Pleated)  - 10% UNLESS the blinds are discounted in a multi blind discount program which all customers receive in which case they will NOT receive a further 10%
  • Metal Venetian Blinds (not Perfect Fit Venetian) - 5%
  • Perfect Fit Venetian - 10%
  • Wood Blinds - 10%
  • Curtains - 10%
  • Curtain Poles - 10%
  • Vertical Blinds (Complete Blinds NOT Louvres Only) - 10%
  • Louvres Only for Vertical Blinds - 3%
  • Vertical Tracks Only (i.e. replacement vertical tracks) - 3%

Discounts do not apply to repairs or other miscellaneous work undertaken on blinds already manufactured. Discounts also do not apply to fitting charges.  

We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions of this offer at any time.  Any changes will be noted on this web page.